He was available when I needed him and he finished the job in record time. Thank you Haroon!

Liza LeedsProject Manager

This is probably the third time I have employed Haroon and why because I had a problem I contacted him and he was readily available and he sorted very very quickly it was a major issue on my Magento site & he sorted the code. Every time I have had issues he has sorted and very quickly Why would you not employ him! Amazing person on oDesk.

Nola BaldwinBusiness Owner

Haroon totally rocked it. I enjoyed working with him.
His insights helped me make informed decisions and he was very clear about the tradeoffs in time for chasing after certain features, some of which we implemented and some of which I decided to pass on.
Haroon was very responsive, quick, and thorough. I am pleased with the outcome of our work together.

Ash RyanMusic Producer

Haroon is a true rock star. Work was finished perfectly before I had a chance to pour another cup of coffee. Highly recommended contractor.

AdamCreative Director

Haroon is a great contractor and very easy person to work with. Excellent communication and perfect English. We are rehiring him again for a new task.

EladBusiness Owner, Jewels Dealer

Haroon is a good web developer and I enjoyed working with him. His communication and responsiveness and his skills were reasonably strong. I enjoyed working with Haroon and will likely have additional jobs for him in the future.

Umer Clifford JamesProgrammer, Technician, Business Owner

Outstanding person to work with.  Troubleshooted an issue I was having and fixed it when others could not.  Very analytical in approaches to work which helps me as I am not! Will be employing again this is second job completed.

Tiffany Firebirdphotographer

Haroon is really one of the best on ODesk.
He is great at communicating and delivers products that surpass my expectations.

Jennifer Greenfieldwriter & journalist

He’s a safe pair of hands for any project.

AlexProject Manager, Business Owner

Haroon has been amazing as always!
He is easy to work with, writes great quality code, and provides insightful ideas to help with projects.

Jon ShelsonProject Manager, Programmer, Business Organizer

Haroon was a pleasure to work with. He takes pride in his work and is meticulous in getting results. I will hire him again. Soon.

Anna WhitehallBusiness Owner, Freelancer

I have worked with many, many developers, artists, freelancers, etc. Haroon is always a pleasure to work with. He is fantastic a communicating and VERY good at his work. Always top quality work and he is eager to please. I finally found a web developer I can trust. I’m going to use him for all my web projects.

Tyler RamseyCreative Director, Photographer, Artist

I’ve worked on various projects with Haroon over the last year. He is absolutely the best freelancer I have worked with. I never think twice about sending him an email with a task big or small and trust him completely.
Will definitely use him again soon!

Shelsign CreativeProject Manager, Programmer, CEO

Haroon has been a pleasure to work with. I will definitely be using him on future projects. Especially knowing how hard it is to find good talent here on Odesk, I definitely recommend him to anyone.

Damien DiekeBusiness Owner, Project Manager

Haroon’s work was excellent. He was easy to communicate with, efficient, worked fairly quickly and responded immediately to changes and additions. I recommend him without hesitation and will use him again whenever I need his high level skills. He was able to track accomplish CSS editing for me in a responsive WordPress theme where CSS was buried and complicated. This resolved several issues appearing in all browsers and in particular resolved some troublesome display issues in IE. He stuck with it until he resolved every issue I asked for assistance with. Very, very pleased.

Allison GrittonDesigner, Project Manager, Outsourcer

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